People Who Need to Call In Sick (or work from home)


The "premier Missouri-based opposition research firm" -- except that can't be right because Missouri has the Internet. We know the Bost campaign paid you $8,900 on 11/3/17 ... presumably, to dig up dirt on Mr. Bost's opponent. But none of you noticed that Mike Bost didn't own 

Nice work, Sherlock. You did NOT make America great again.

KAP Strategies (Alexandria. Va.)

Strategy consulting. For $6,000. You know what cost us less than $6,000? 


Here's a strategy: Give "Meltdown Mike" his refund BEFORE he finds you ... 

And here's some consulting: Maybe go read Sun Tzu's Art of War?  For real this time. We know it's on your bookshelf.

Campaign Manager, Dustin Rhodes

Oh, Dustin. We were actually going to give you a pass because of how terrifying your boss is. Until we discovered that you were Mr. Bost's Deputy Campaign Manager in 2016. 

You've basically had 1,000 days to notice this.

Run brother, run. (We'll buy you a beer after the election.)

Congressman Mike Bost

Violence is wrong, Congressman. But if you feel the need to hit something, we suggest ... maybe ... your face?

We realize now that in all of those GOP meetings plotting about how you all were going to get rid of healthcare for 24 million people to give huge tax cuts to like, 5 people, Ted Cruz never leaned over to you and said "Don't be like me, son. Buy before it's too late." 

Welcome to the Internet, Congressman.