Mike Bost doesn't want you to see this. Let's begin.

Only the best for Mike Bost

When Mike Bost isn't talking about his family trucking business and how much of a trucker he is, he's at the Waldorf Astoria. Or the Ritz-Carlton. On somebody else's dime, naturally.

Meltdown Mike

Why didn't somebody on Mike Bost's campaign buy MikeBost.com? What's wrong with you people? Does your boss look sane to you? He fights for fun. If you're on this list: RUN! Everybody else: get some popcorn.

LOL @ Ted Cruz

If it weren't for Ted Cruz and tedcruz.com, we never would have thought to get MikeBost.com and the other 100+ sites we scooped up. Blame Ted first. In fact, let's all have a quick laugh at Ted Cruz's expense.

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